the more he saw the less he spoke.

a few years ago, i was forced to leave norway because of visa issues and ended up at my parent’s home. first item on the agenda: redecorate my teenage bedroom. after weeks of stripping wallpaper, painting, shopping and painting some more, it was complete – my oasis in the midst of an unexpected upheaval. my favorite item in the room? an owl lamp from urban outfitters. owls were the next big thing in decorating, but what i really loved was the symbolism of it – it was a year when i needed wisdom above all else. that white ceramic owl served as a reminder that i would find wisdom when i sought it.

so, when my roommate and i exchanged christmas presents on valentine’s day (can we say “procrastination?”), i was delighted when under a beautiful scarf i found this guy:

he’s become fast friends with another guy found on a dusty shelf in amman.

this little guy is special. he’s beautiful, delicate, ornate and even a little sad.  if you were to turn him around, you would notice his back side is completely different from the front. wisdom isn’t always easy to come by and maybe what is beautiful in the eyes of some is foolishness to others. it costs and is rarely found in a passing glance.

i needed that reminder.

  1. Jeanie James said:

    I think I need to be like an owl and use less words. Love to read your thoughts.

  2. Hild Mari said:

    Lyndee, you’re starting to sound like Salomo;-) hoot, hoot!

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