wordpress was kind enough to send me a summary of activity on my blog this past year. their words, not mine: Fresher than ever. yesssss!

they also gave me a summary of where the visitors came from. while most visitors were referred from facebook or various friend’s blogs, wordpress shared how the remainder of the traffic found my blog (again, their words, not mine):

“Some visitors came searching, mostly for “men wear overalls”lyndeenew england cranberry duff recipedid anyone get a massage from lyndee, and lyndee naked.”

ummm, thank you? for the record, men wear overalls in the midwest, lyndee is my name, new england cranberry duff is a creation of martha’s, but i won’t be of much help in the other departments. thanks for reading though!

1 comment
  1. Trevor said:

    That’s hilarious. And creepy.
    It’s a good blog though.

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