just breathe.

i’ve never been a fan of the midwest, but i’m home for the month of december and my shoulders are slowly sinking. it’s a totally different life here – men wear overalls, hills (much less mountains) are few and far between, people speak slower, change doesn’t come quickly and is usually accompanied by a fight. it’s just different. but i can breathe here, relax. that’s probably due to being on vacation, but i don’t have to use energy to listen to what people are saying and the meanings behind it. i can be the other me. i like that.

this little girl is the main reason behind my return. we’re pretty smitten with each other. the other day we lay on the couch all afternoon and i just couldn’t take my eyes off her. i’m so proud of my sister for giving birth to aisling and that she and her husband take such good care of her. not every baby has the privilege of knowing he or she is loved, but that is one thing little aisling will never lack.

i think coming back to show a little love is reason enough to come home once in a while.

  1. Janette said:

    Breath some fresh Kansas air for me!

    • Janette said:

      Breathe (I’ve forgotten how to spell)

  2. ywamskien said:

    Oh the Midwest… I would love some of that air too. Im glad you´re having a good time 🙂

  3. Rachel said:

    This is a very sweet picture! I’m glad you’re getting some special time back with your family and meeting your niece. I know how precious those visits are when you live far apart. (I just saw your sister and aisling at the store the other day. That baby is adorable! )

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