a case of the mondays

christmas gifts. today i took action. i got to work, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk and turned on the computer. i opened up the usual 3 webpages: hotmail, facebook, and gmail and logged in. i had decided i would buy my financial supporters books for christmas, so i opened a new tab and googled “ywam publishing.” my office computer had been acting a little funny – websites popping up when i didn’t want them to, internet crashing, etc. as i clicked on the ywam publishing link, someone came into ask a question. i turned away, answered the question (which took a couple minutes) and turned back to my desk only to realize that instead of loren cunningham’s wholesome ywam face, my computer screen was filled with images inviting me to make new adult friends. and by adult, i mean “adult.” the whole time i’d been having a conversation with this male colleague,  half naked girls were parading across my computer screen. what a way to start the week.

i hope i’m not so surprised when i open up the box of books i ordered. merry christmas, supporters!

1 comment
  1. I’m laughing….loudly!!! You have this strange habit of making me do that!

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