foodie friday

this sunday edition of foodie friday is about APPLES. i believe that in order to be fully norwegian, one needs at least one apple tree in their yard. we have two.

sadly, many of the neighborhood trees have gone unattended this year. so ragnhild and i went door to door on friday, asking neighbors if we could take their apples off their hands (and trees). we began with Constanse, the 90 year old woman who lives alone across the street. S L O W L Y ragnhild said, “we live across the street and noticed you have many apples. we were wondering if we could pick them for you!” Constanse has 90 year old ears, so S L O W L Y and
L O U D L Y ragnhild repeated herself. 3 more times. “WE LIVE ACROSS THE STREET AND NOTICED YOU HAVE MANY APPLES. WE WERE WONDERING IF WE COULD PICK THEM FOR YOU!” but Constanse seemed to think the apples weren’t ripe enough and said we could try later. on to the next: our next door neighbor. hundreds of apples are littering her yard, but all i see are potential pies, jam, applesauce, crisps! but she wasn’t home. we resorted to picking apples from our own tree and they were delicious! i thought i’d share a little of the goodness with you:

Time: 20 – 40 min

1 kg apples
1 ½ dl water
3 dl sugar (i only used half of this)

Peel and cut each apple in 2 or 4 slices. Place the apples and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Let it simmer until the apples become tender. Mash with a potato masher (that’s the technical term, mind you) or blend in a blender. Add the sugar and let it simmer, stirring periodically for 7-8 minutes. Enjoy!


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