food: fail.

martha stewart tricked me.

you see, i’ve been sick all weekend and when i’m sick, i find it difficult to just sit around. instead, i read blogs and watch past episodes of “the office” and “project runway.” (okay, maybe that’s just sitting around to some people, but i cried my way through last week’s  PR episode and that required a lot of energy! mondo, you’re even more endearing than before!) i also cook and bake. i don’t know why – i can’t taste anything, but it’s nice to know my freezer is being filled.

on the menu this weekend:
my grandmother’s kale soup (revealed in a later post)

whole wheat/raisin/almond/coconut bread (a win!)
martha stewart’s pumpkin pasta (fail)

it’s cold, windy, and rainy here and anything with pumpkin sounds good. pumpkin pasta began with easy and ended with bland and disappointing. a martha stewart fail.

winter is fast approaching, and that means gingerbread lattes! but the closest starbucks requires a car, ferry, and train and possibly a stamp in the passport. homemade will fill the void. martha stewart’s fail is the kitchn’s gain!

i’m off to watch an episode of “felicity” (i’m sick, people!) and taste my roomie’s cinnamon roles!

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  1. Jeanie James said:

    What is a cinnamon role?

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