moment of glory.

i once chased meredith baxter through an airport, but “celebrities” don’t usually catch my attention. my heart raced a little though when i found out i was going to interview loren cunningham, the co-founder of ywam. this year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary and all northern european ywamers were invited to celebrate with loren and darlene in restenäs, sweden. the man founded an organization that has lasted 50 years – almost unheard of! we prepared for the interview and waited 2 days until loren had time to meet with us.

a play-by-play of the meeting:
me: “blah, blah, blah” (talking loren through how we were going to do the interview, which was being filmed)
loren: “who do i look at during the interview? you?” pointing at the guy standing next to me.
me: “no, you’ll keep eye contact with me.”
loren: “ahh, you’re much easier on the eyes.”

that’s it. loren cunningham thinks i’m easy on the eyes. i’m taking that with me to the grave.

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