words that make me shudder.

(image found here)

picture day.

today was picture day at work. i hate that day. i really hated it today because i had forgotten about it and hadn’t brushed my hair in 2 days. plus, it reminded me of grade school. grade school was one bad haircut after another, accentuated by one long, awkward phase.  4th grade picture day was particularly hellish. i was the only girl in my class that year (small town, private school), wore huge glasses, and believe it or not, was one of the tallest kids in the class. i was also (how shall we say this delicately?) husky. the perfect recipe for disaster. i cried from the moment i woke up and was even left  home as everyone else went off to school, with the parental warning, “you’ll be picked up for pictures at 10:30 and you’d better not be crying then.”

i wasn’t. but re-takes were in order that year.

some things never change.


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