chaos is a friend of mine.

this was me today - at 2.30... in the afternoon. a four hour nap  and all was well in the world again. life moves so quickly these days and it's a struggle to hang on. wake up, work, make dinner, hang out with friends/go to a meeting, go to bed, start all over again. i want to be purposeful in managing my time but i don't seem to find the time to sit down to even determine what i want to do with my days. so, in order to do that, i'm joining elsie on her quest with 4 Simple Goals:

the goals are supposed to be achievable and in some way, enrich your life. i think i can manage that. all to be completed by 2011.

1. learn to crochet/knit and complete at least 1 project before Christmas. i’m thinking coffee cozy2. i’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel the world and have thousands of pictures to tell my stories. make a book of my travels. 3. read one book a month. i love to read, so you wouldn’t think this would be a problem. but i have a stack of 9 books that i’ve begun but never finished. i’m in the middle of this one and am looking forward to reading this. i can’t seem to get enough of tim keller these days. 4. i love to work out, but my schedule and bank account don’t allow much room for that. so, i depend on weekend hikes and my 10-minute pilates video. pilates video 5 days a week. it’s not much, but a good start.

simple, personal, activity-oriented goals. i look forward to the rewards they will bring!


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