the bane of my existence.

volcanoes, you suck. my dreams are filled of airports, cancellations, long queues in front of the turkish airlines desk. seriously.
i left for oslo on friday and had a wonderful time with friends over the weekend. monday was spent in front of the computer, clicking refresh on the stockholm-arlanda airport website every 5 minutes, waiting for the latest flight cancellations. i decided to throw caution to the wind and took the night bus to stockholm, where i would be departing for the middle east. upon arrival at the bus station at 6.00 in stockholm, i received an sms saying the flight was cancelled. what else was i to do but take my tired body, buy a cup of coffee and pastry and sit down and cry? i was at a total loss of what to do. i only knew one person in stockholm, but couldn’t get in touch with him. so i washed my face, ate the breakfast of champions (coffee and pastry) and set out to explore the city until the next bus back to oslo departed. can i just say i love
stockholm?! but that’s for another post. as is the story of being propositioned by a creepy middle-aged swede.
i ended up at the graveyard of an old church in the center and sat down to read a little. suddenly, my phone began ringing – it was my friend in stockholm! i am now staying at his family’s home until the next flight out leaves. that should hopefully be tomorrow morning. if that doesn’t happen, i’ll figure it out from there. i’m so fortunate to be in a home while waiting for this mess to be cleaned up. God is taking care of every little need.

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