socialism rules!

that captured your attention, didn’t it? 🙂 i suppose i could write about the new healthcare bill that passed, but i’ve just discovered that the ncaa tournament is broadcast live online and there’s a game happening at this very moment. basketball first, healthcare second.

i love basketball. i played from elementary school through college, and made so many friends while also learning the importance of commitment and hard work (i also got in a few fights, but that’s for another time). KU lost in the 2nd round in the tournament this year. it brought back memories when they lost to UTEP in 1992. i was so upset that i didn’t want to go to school the next day. IU lost in the final four that same year (i can’t possibly be old enough to remember this). i was devastated, but mainly because i was convinced i would marry damon bailey and a national championship would’ve been a great story to tell our grandchildren. oh well. we both got over it.  kind of. i guess.

i have been traveling like crazy lately. latvia was the first stop, together with 200 others, distributing food and clothing in several villages. what we did was needed, but there’s an internal struggle – does food and clothing distribution have lasting impact? i’m not talking about eternal impact, but does it really increase the quality of life? how do i meet the needs of the world, empower people? people need to know Jesus, but His gospel also included meeting physical and emotional needs. how is that done in a practical, lasting way? how does transformation happen to a country or a people? there are just so many needs in the world and it’s easy become jaded. i don’t have the answers, but no matter what, i want to err on the side of generosity – give until it hurts and keep on giving.


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