confession time

today a little old man stopped me as i was checking the mailbox and asked, “waiting for a love letter?” he winked and tottered off with his walker. he made my day.

i’ve debated on what type of blog i want this to be: spiritual, funny, artsy… but i figured life is a blend, so we’ll just see what happens, okay? today i thought i would share a few confessions.

Confessions part 1:

  • i like to watch the biggest loser, but that’s not even the worst of it. i like to bake cookies and then watch it – because i can.
  • i think language learning is essential when it comes to living overseas, but it is extremely humbling. example: i thought i was saying “fantastic” in norwegian. come to find out, i was telling everyone to F#$* off. this went on for over a week before anyone corrected me.
  • in lieu of valentine’s day, i thought i’d share an experience of love. i grew up in a small town, so the choices of guys were few and far between. but i met a guy from out of town my senior year, and we began writing letters. something always seemed a little off though. in every letter he asked my shoe size and even dared ask how much i weighed. persistent little sucker. seriously, every letter! i didn’t think those questions merited responses, but he kept asking and after several weeks of this he began talking about the slight odor of his feet and along with that, he mentioned corns and clavi and giving me a foot massage. i’m shuddering just thinking about it. the icing on the cake was the valentine’s card he signed “Unanimous.”

happy valentine’s day everyone!

love, Unanimous

  1. Jordanne Bonfield said:

    We were meant to be friends!!

  2. Love the little old man story, and sad I didn’t ever meet the mystery man – or did I?!

    I like eclectic blogs best. Trying to be funny, or spiritual, or artsy ALL the time gets old. Just let it be Lyndee, let it be.

  3. lyndee said:

    jordanne, we were definitely meant to be friends. you + me = kc in july, ok?

    matt, i don’t think you had the privilege to meet the mystery man. consider yourself lucky. 🙂 i’m loving looking at your winter pictures, by the way!

  4. Stacey Gibson said:

    FANTASTIC! Yay! I’m so glad someone corrected you.
    um, how much DO you weigh?

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