the public has spoken.

the blog is back by popular demand! (popular demand meaning 2 friends and my mother) the other blog is still open and there is some pretty funny stuff on there (my encounter with sufjan stevens, a proclamation of love) and some disgusting things, (a spider bite) but i needed a fresh start – thus, a new blog. i don’t know what it will necessarily look like and i certainly don’t cherish the idea of putting my thoughts out there for all to read, but i guess that’s the beauty of censorship, right?

happy reading.

  1. Matt said:

    Yay! Super glad you started this (Meaghan will be too.), and I hope lots of embarrassing things start to happen soon so you can blog about it and keep me entertained. ( : Seriously though, I’m happy to see you back and writing and hope it becomes/remains something you enjoy and not something you just do because really cool people asked you to.

  2. helina said:

    Welcome back, the new you! Looking forward to read more about what’s up 🙂

  3. lise said:

    hurra! dette har jeg venta på. og for en fint bilde på toppen av sida, flott by det der altså:D

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